Friday, 20 September 2013

GS Shop London Collections

Making a whirlwind visit to the four top fashion capitals were four Korean clothes brands endorsed by the one of the world’s largest TV home shopping companies, GS Shop.  In London the AW13 catwalk show called GS shop London Collection was hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre.

The brands, two womenswear and two menswear featured a mix of smart casual attire and tailored garments with a clean 60s vibe.

Alette by Lee Seung Hee
Inspired by collage skills, the designer combined different textures and fabrics but kept the colour palette in classic neutrals to create a subtle collage effect on a sophisticated collection.  Accent colours were of muted teal blue and deep burgundy to give a playful but controlled edge. Key styles included the sleeveless tailored coats for a simple elegant silhouette.

Xess by Homme
Taking inspiration from the 60s Mods look for their tailored pieces, the collection featured slim fit jackets worn with slim trousers and a crombie style coat. The smart casual styles took on more of the Geek Chic look as the cable knit cardigan and padded jackets juxtaposed with the tailored trousers, smart shirt and tie.

A By Jae – Kim Jae Hwan
Keeping with the 60s inspiration, this collection ranged from the androgynous crombie coat to the feminine mid length cape and mini skirt.  Leather panels transformed straight wool trousers from classic to glamour chic whilst vivid pops of lipstick red strengthened the neutral colour palette.

Cadet_H by Han Sang Hyuk
A mix of urban fur trimmed parkas, padded jackets and gilets to the tailored suit and tuxedo, this  AW13 collection has been launched exclusively through the GS Shop. Key feature were the back zipped jackets enabling wearers to alternate between a closed ventless style to an open single vent look.  Most of the zips were subtle and hidden with only the pull tab on display. But creating a ‘flap’ was the collar to hem exposed zip on the back of the tuxedo, making a grand exit.

The brands complemented each other, all showcasing wearable pieces with great attention to tailoring and fabric.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky