Monday, 20 August 2012

Professor Green x PUMA Collaboration

Last week saw the launch party for the new Professor Green x PUMA collaboration. Luckily I was an early bird and was able to leisurely see the capsule collection display up close and also get to the bar for a few tequila and vodka cocktails.  An hour later the place was packed to the rafters with a long queue of guests still waiting outside.

“Honey is the new Black”
Professor Green chose the Honey Badger as his logo for the collection. Why? Because it represents fearlessness, it sees what it wants and goes and gets it!  It is not endangered as it easily adapts to its changing environment and has few natural predators due to its no holding back attitude, strong claws, thick skin which is also loose enough for them to wriggle and twist out of tight situations. This is an animal that can defend itself – definitely has street cred.

Sometimes the Honey Badger was as bold as brass and took centre stage on the front of sweatshirts and tees, but  many hid in a green and purple camouflage pattern taking the concrete jungle wearer by surprise to find that they are sporting such a cute logo. Others just made a cameo appearance on neat tiny labels attached to the sleeves of tees.

The collection itself included sweats, tees, baseball caps and jackets. The tees varied from the soft coloured speckled design to the brighter red and purple colour block.  Camouflage designs chose their battle patterns from the more strategically placed pockets and sleeve trims to the bolder Honey badger logos and the full blown block sections. More classic pieces were the colour block denim shirt, the polo shirt and padded gilets and jackets.  Loved the varsity style jackets with their leather sleeves. These sported the PUMA logo on the front and also a more subtly placed branding label of the PUMA with the words Professor Green above. 

In reality, the Honey Badger is not a cute looking animal but the logos are cute enough to attract a female following. So guys beware your girlfriend may take a tip from the Honey Badger and just fearlessly swipe your new  Professor Green x PUMA items from right under your nose!

The collection will be available from mid October at ASOS and Footasylum.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky  

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Eau Thermale Avene

New for 2012 from Eau Thermale Avene:

D-Pigment – Dark spot Lightener
Specially designed to help those suffering from hyperpigmentation such as sun spots, age spots, liver spots and dark or brown patches of skin, apparently that’s over 55% of us in the UK.  Not surprising as one of the most common conditions is the age spot. Whether you've decided to grow old gracefully or disgracefully, we’re probably all in agreement with Lady Macbeth as she shrieks ‘Out damned spot!’.

What does it do?
It corrects localised or widespread brown spots
Prevents the appearance of new brown spots
Evens out the complexion

The active ingredients:
Melanyde - a depigmenting active which slows down the synthesis of melanin (dark pigment) by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme responsible for the melanin production
Retinaldehyde - skin lightening active derived from Vitamin A
Pre-tocopheryl – protective antioxidant which prevents the stimulation of melanin producing cells by free readicals.

Fragrance and paraben free D-Pigment is to be used in the evening and applied on the dark areas. It is available in two formulations:
Light – offering a highly absorbent texture with shine reducing powders for normal to combination skin
Rich – based on nourishing plant based oils and glycerine for dry to very dry skin

Price £35 for 30ml

Micellar Lotion
A new cleanser and make-up remover for sensitive skin. The micelles (electrically charged particles) gently remove impurities, excess oil and traces of make-up. Can also be used on the eye area. This no rinse formula is enriched with 96% Avene Thermal spring
Price £12.50 for 200ml

First launched in France in 1990, Eau Thermale Avene reached the UK in 2000. All products are based on Avene thermal spring water which is renowned for its therapeutic properties. (apparently discovered around the 1730’s when locals noticed a horse with a severe skin disease had cured itself by drinking and rolling in the waters)The water’s low mineral and salt content is ideal for sensitive skin and its high silica content soothes and softens the skin.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nico Didonna SS13 Collection

This July the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrave Square presented a week’s calendar of Made-in–Puglia events showcasing Puglia’s contemporary artistic heritage, traditional cuisine and landscapes. Looking at a map of Italy - the region of Puglia (or Apulia in English) is the high heel of the boot. And included in these events was the well heeled SS13 catwalk show of Italian designer Nico Didonna who grew up in the region, but is now London based.

His collection included both men and womenswear:


Nico took inspiration from the natural elements to make his collection light as air, intense as fire, fluid as water and warm as earth.

Main colour palette of the classic black and white started the show with bright pops of colour courtesy of the quirky Kirk Originals eyewear and bright blue lipstick the models wore.  Accent colours were bright Mediterranean blues and fiery reds with warm golden sands and steely greys.

Styles ranged from the fluid drapes and twists capturing a modern day Roman goddess look to the more structured tailoring of the stereotypical secretary with a touch of the new romantics.

There was also a touch of 70s Hollywood glamour with a striking black and white pant suit with its palazzo flares and halter neck. Fabrics used were chiffon, silk and cotton


Nico took inspiration from the dedication, passion and inner beliefs of monks. This was more noticeable in the brown floor skimming wide palazzo pants with beaded belt hanging like a string of rosaries and coral hooded sweat – your urban street wise monk.

Others were less noticeable with trouser styles ranged from the tailored knee length shorts in blue and coral, coloured chinos to the more unusual: Tailored renaissance style of loose on the top and fitted on the bottom and the swirl camouflage patterned cropped trousers ruched up at the sides.

There was a touch of the 80s with a metallic grey fitted boiler suit accessorised with an orange scarf.

We were pleasantly surprised to see GB canoeist Tom Brady modelling and for his first appearance dressed in a Union Jack biker style jacket, white tee and blue chinos

At the end Nico came out to take his bow accompanied by Nancy Dell ‘Olio who is a member of the Accademia Apulia, the organisation who staged the show. Nancy wore a one off creation from his AW11 collection.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky