Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Paris Haute Couture AW12 Fashion Week

This is the ultimate in designer catwalks, gorgeous fantasy shows of some of the more expensive creations the designers have to offer.  Due to the costs these shows are usually by the more established houses, but here are two of the relatively new designers.

The international Lebanese designer Basil Soda launched his own label in 2000. The collection, titled Metamorphoses, focuses more on evening wear. Colour palette; a rich vegetation of dark moss and olive greens, fiery reds and pale to brilliant golds. Plus the classic black and white which Soda refers to as ‘a promising white future’. 

Textures included:

Fringed tassels that shone like glossy hair. Check out those yeti like ankle boots!
Gold stitching appliquéd over white silk tulle. And delicate embellishments of leaf details, feathers, beads and sparkling crystals. The finale dress: A white wedding dress of diaphanous tulle embellished with delicate embroidery, large petal like sequins, silver beading and strings of tassels with both ends fixed on to the bodice. Firmly wrapped around the face and neck of the model, the veil was decorated with white twig like embellishments as though covered in snow. More of a fairytale wood nymph wedding dress than the traditional style.

Paris based but Indonesian born , Didit combines the best of both these cultures in to his creations. Inspiration came from the orchid in the twilight. The models set the atmosphere with dark bobbed wigs, black lipstick, black nail polish and spooky moonlight white coloured contact lenses. Main colour palette: shades of purple representing the transition of night to dusk to morning with deep purple, dusky lavender and the pale lilac. Other colours were silvery grey and a deep red wine. Prints were a collaboration with Calla Haynes – patterns of orchids in fabrics of silk organza and soft velvets.

Textures included:
Chinchilla fur trimmings on wide sleeves, hems and on a back to front kimono style jacket which gave the impression that the model’s head had twisted around. Embroidery by the Paris based Atelier Lesage included amethysts cut in intricate beads and slivers for an organic flow. Ostrich leather with its unique pattern of quill follicles. Feathers hanging from underneath short skirts like the long dangly sepals of the exotic orchid. And the large ruche of the Duchess satin giving the illusion of a voluptuous and delicate flower in full bloom. Mystical collection with a few spooky elements but then I scare easily.

Headpieces were designed by Philip Treacy

All Images provided by Alexandre Boulais Communications 

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky http://www.frumpytofunky.com 

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