Monday, 29 July 2013

Vanessa G presents Mining Landscapes Collection

Luxury brand Vanessa G presents the ‘Mining Landscapes’ collection. Taking inspiration from nature and mining in the designer’s homeland of South Africa, the collection comprises three separate ranges with prints combining metal, gems and nature.

In all her collections, Designer Vanessa Gouden fuses art and couture using unique pieces of art from unsung artists and then transforms them in to timeless classic garments creating her own expression of Art & Fashion as 'Art’Outure'.

Rare Earth: Inspired by the relationship between mining and nature, this range mixes flora and fauna with the beauty of raw materials enhanced in vivid colours.  Rare Earth has a fiery colour palette of deep reds, burnished oranges and sunflower yellows.  The collage print includes sunflower petals, golden padlocks, red butterflies and chains in a mirrored design.

From Discovery To Creation: For this range the inspiration is taken from the transformation of minerals from their unpolished beauty to their final smooth sophisticated glamour. The design created is a collage combining the hardy rawness of the sepia mining landscapes, machinery and maps with splashes of colour of the delicate and ephemeral red and yellow ladybirds.

Chain Reaction: This range mixes links of chains in both their rustic and polished forms, symbolising the processes used to extract precious metals and stones from the earth.
Colour palette ranges from the warm citrus and gold tones with light turquoise in a butterfly and curb chain print to the more icy bright blue with white in the mirror print design

Pieces include A-line tailored dresses, fitted pencil skirts, wide legged jumpsuits, silk shirts, skinny fit trousers, blazers and Vanessa G’s signature printed trench in both short and long lengths.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky  

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