Tuesday, 19 July 2011


The new range Glam Hair by Umberto Giannini is all about making an entrance in a red carpet, big movie siren tresses way. There’s no chance of you quietly blending in to the background and why would you want to? With these products you have the means to create sexy glamorous statement looks and turn heads.

Wipe the slate clean with the new Ditch the Dirt Volume Shampoo in readiness for your Glam transformation. This volumising and repairing shampoo claims to strengthen even the driest, coloured and damaged hair.  Loving it already

Plump up the volume even more with the new Plump and Sexy Volume Conditioner
Silk proteins condition and improve the softness of the hair, whilst bringing more volume without weighing the hair down.  Now with our freshly washed plumped up hair feeling silky soft we’re ready for the next level of glamorous gorgeousness with the new Glam Hair styling products.

Create hair volume that explodes in to a voluptuous and luscious Hollywood statement style with the Sex Bomb Massive Mouse.

Or if you decide on a festival hair or rock-chic glamour look then go for the Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray. This is for the perfect lived in texture with “just got out of bed” tousled waves. A look that says I don’t have to try to look gorgeous – I am.

You’ve almost completed your red carpet glamour look but think BIG for extra volume with the following:

Backcomb in a Bottle – this is your own little genie – you wish you could get the on trend backcomb look without  wrecking your hair – well your wish is granted with this  magical product  - All you have to do is spray it on where you want the backcomb effect, jujj it and viola you have instant texture and volume!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme Hairspray – this little guy likes to party harder than any other hairspray they know.  Its super powers are gravity defying and volume holding well in to the next day. So when everyone else is losing their heads yours will be firmly in place.

You’d think that was it – you’ve got the Big glamorous movie siren hair with backcombed quiffs, huge bouffants, candyfloss curls or tousled waves.  But there’s just another added extra to give a true carpet style star finished look:

The Glamour Puss Crystal Mist.  Spray your hair with soft gold stardust and it’ll catch the light and shimmer seductively.

You’ve partied all night and now don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning or are just too lazy. Then Glam Hair’s Morning After Shampoo is just the thing for you. This dry shampoo now not only refreshes lank lifeless hair but helps creates a ruffed up style of its own. This one is also invisible so no nasty white powder residue that looks like dandruff.

Try them out and discover the product you just can’t live without.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky http://www.frumpytofunky.com


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