Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Bridal Coach

Former model Michele Paradise knows how to walk the catwalk and how to pose for the cameras –well with her modelling career spanning over 20 years, she’s had a lot of experience and picked up a few tips. Now as a style coach and hypnotherapist (Don’t look in to her eyes!) she began to think of brides and the daunting prospect of walking down the aisle with all eyes gazing at them and how they are expected to know how to walk with confidence and grace. So the Bridal Coach concept was born.

At the Bridal Coach press/bloggers event we were able to meet Michele and also learn more about The Bridal Coach.

Propping up the bar (well I was propping up the bar whilst Michele was standing elegantly poised at the bar); I was able to talk to her before the presentation.

My first question was; 'Why start it in the UK and not the US?’
My reasoning was that Wedding Planning is big business over in the States so they would love the Bridal Coach, and Michele is American.

Michele started modelling 20 years ago, her face was not the typical All American model face that the US were used to seeing on the catwalk and in magazines, but a more interesting and striking look we Europeans adore. Realising she needed to come over to Europe if she wanted to boost her modelling career, she packed her bags and almost immediately started working with renowned designers such as Thierry Mugler, Zandra Rhodes (she was her muse for almost 18 years), Donna Karan, Valentino and Philip Treacy. Now the UK is her home.

Why the Bridal Coach?
Michele explains that when you are a model you are taught how to walk and how to pose. Brides are thrown in at the deep end. They may get help with planning the wedding but when it comes to walking down that aisle and posing for the photographs, they are on their own. So Michelle saw there was a gap in the Wedding industry to help brides feel and look more confident and elegant.

During the short presentation, Michele shows how the Bridal Coach can help the bride prepare for her big day as well as tips for the actual day.

Tips she shared with us included:

How brides can stay calm and relaxed just before their very own catwalk ‘aisle’ show.
How to glide down and ‘own’ that aisle
How to hold the bouquet properly so the dress and bride look their best
How to pose for the photographs by putting your best foot forward and what to do with your hands.

I may not be getting married and so don’t need Michele’s Ultimate Bride package, but her Hen Party packages sound fun as well as providing great tips and techniques for everyone going to a wedding. Mmm, this may be the time to persuade a few friends to tie the knot.

More details on www.thebridalcoach.co.uk

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