Monday, 2 April 2012

Conran Bath and Body

To take a closer look at the new Conran Bath and Body products and speak to the Conran team who had created the range, beauty press and bloggers were invited to an evening at Sir Terence Conran’s penthouse apartment in Shad Thames.

The Products
The range includes bath washes, body scrubs, body lotions, shower gels, hand washes and hand lotions.

The Design
The range is aimed at both men and women so the design is kept simple taking inspiration from antique apothecary bottles and the classic Kilner jar. The two different fragrance ranges are identified by colour and a number. Conran 1 is a caramel brown and Conran 2 a mint green. But both have an orange silicone ring at the top which emulates the rubber seal of the original Kilner jars.

The design team also wanted to emulate glass and the main body of the bottles and jars does look like opaque glass but is made of a hardier material which won’t smash as easily as glass if dropped on the bathroom tiled floor. And to make sure the bottles could withstand the rigors of daily use; glossy white bases have been sonically welded on and act as a shock absorber. The lids are of a brushed silver colour.

The Fragrance
The fragrance house of Drom worked alongside the Conran team to create the unisex fragrances of Conran 1 and 2 based on Sir Terence’s favourite scents. The team wanted a modern scent that would be used and liked by both men and women.

They decided not to put the name of the fragrance on the bottles as research showed people didn’t always remember the names but recognised the product more on the colours.

Scent 1 – Oudh Wood – essential oils of pepper, nutmeg and cardamom. This is a warm woody and spicy fragrance. The colour of the bottle reflects the mood of the scent with a warm caramel colour.

Scent 2 – Green Stems – floral scent with lemon, orange oil and mandarin. This is a fresh and zingy fragrance with citrus, great to help you wake up in the mornings. The colour is light fresh green.

At the event we were also able to smell and give our thoughts to the ‘currently in development’ scents of the next ranges 3, 4, and 5. Plus a peek at the colours that will be used

The Texture
Surprisingly light. The body scrub was not of the typical coarse and heavy texture most scrubs are but felt airy and had more of a soft jelly consistency.

The body lotion felt more of a soufflĂ©, not runny like a lotion and lighter than a cream. It didn’t leave any sticky residue, just glided on to the skin and sank in quickly.

My favourite
Most definitely the Conran 2. The fragrance is fresh and the mint green looks good in my bathroom.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky 

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