Monday, 12 November 2012

Sorapol SS13 - Euphoria

Sorapol SS13 collection Euphoria tells the tale of Catherine, a wealthy socialite who has it all. But she dreams of a world without struggle and where fantastical extravagance is commonplace. This is when she discovers Sorapol who welcomes her to Euphoria.

Taking place in the stark concrete building of an underground NCP car park, an impressive sleek panther motorbike revved down the runway as though he had just stumbled on to the show.

Enter the first model in a Barbarella-esque flesh coloured body suit stripped of one leg and one sleeve. A long skirt billowed behind like a parachute on a rocket re-entering the earth’s atmosphere – clearly a message to say Sorapol had landed and Europhia begins.
The sci-fi and asymmetry look extended to the footwear as one thigh high silver ‘foil’ leather boot (on the bare leg) was teamed with a silver ankle boot on the pant leg. 

Rather than strutting, the models staggered down the sparkling white powder lined catwalk as if intoxicated from taking so much Sorapol Euphoria.  Their faces were hidden by gauze masks designed by illustrator Achraf Amiri who used Illamasqua make up to mimic a few past and present celebrities. The masks help Catherine morph into her celebrity idols.

The Elizabeth Taylor model wore a mint green peplum dress which was amazingly ‘normal’ amongst this theatrical collection.

The Olsen twin models looked legless (literally) in their matching pant suits designed with just one pant leg.  Reminiscent of Clockwork Orange the twins wore embellished colourful bowler hats.

The Naomi Campbell model glowed in a fluorescent orange chocker and neon orange beads embellishing a split lilac gown.

The finale gown, worn by the Marilyn Manson model, brought a darker rock’n’roll style with a black floor length leather skirt shimmering here and there with metallic blue and a lace up  bodice adorned with a V-shaped double neck electric guitar splattered with violet pink and blue.

Like Euphoria the collection was larger than life and the colour palette bright and vivid. Catching a moment at the end of the show, designer Sorapol Chawaphatnakul explains that he sees the realistic world as dark and this collection transforms Catherine into the colourful world of Sorapol. Take Sorapol and you become your own superstar!

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky 

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