Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Customising with Sepai TUNE IT

Spanish skincare brand Sepai debuts its new Tune It and Basic lines in the UK, exclusively at Selfridges.
Tune It does as it says, it enables you to finely tune your moisturiser, serum and body lotion for your own specific skincare requirements.

How: By providing you with a selection of concentrated actives sold separately from the base lotions. You then add your chosen actives into Sepai’s basic line products and Voila! You have your own personalised skincare treatment.
These actives are sold separately to the base lotion but due to their high concentration, they are not intended to be used directly on the skin without being mixed into the lotion. For ease they come in syringes (without the needle) which help push the contents into the base products.  The bottles of the base products are made larger to give enough room to add up to three actives plus enough space for mixing the new contents by shaking the bottle. Labels are provided so you don’t forget which extracts you’ve used. It’s  your own mini skincare laboratory.

There are eight facial extracts including:

Relax Like extract - a mini Botox effect by a powerful peptide that helps inhibit muscle cell contraction

Flashed extract - provides immediate tensor and illumination effect.

Volumising extract - for a plumped up younger looking skin

Elasticity extract - inhibits the activity or elastase (the enzyme responsible for breaking down elastic fibre) and so optimises the quality of the skin’s elastin. Designed to treat the flaccidity and firmness of mature skin.

Others include firming, lifting, brightening and tan prolonging

The seven body extracts range from combating the appearance of cellulite, help slimming, firming to prolonging your tan.

The base products are:

Invisible - a light serum with actives that improves skin complexion and light reflectors to visual soften fine lines and imperfections

Paparazzi - a light and antioxidant moisturiser with protective cell repairing actives and iridescent pigments to brighten the complexion

V7.3 Body Primer - a nourishing body lotion. Rich body milk that provides extra nutrition and has a silky texture based on natural oils.

These base products can be used by themselves, but if and when you want extra help on specific skincare requirements, the extracts are the answer.

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky http://www.frumpytofunky.com

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